Living for Our Lord

August 18, 2007

This site offers summaries of the studies that were done on several Bible study resouces.

MasterLife is a series of four studies centering on Christian Maturity, namely –

  • The Disciple’s Cross
  • The Disciple’s Personality
  • The Disciple’s Victory
  • The Disciple’s Mission

From developing a deep relationship with Christ to realising how you can be equip to participate in God’s missions, the series if followed closely will bring you close to God; hence be able to proclaim His Love far and wide.

The Spiritual Formation focuses on the leadership principles, how they may be different from the worldly standpoint, and stressing the ingredients of a Christian leader from the perspective of servant-leadership principles.  

If you chance upon it, feel free to make use of the summaries in the way that is best for you.   Let us pray that we grow fervently for our Lord God day by day.