Masterlife, the disciple’s cross – in a nutshell

MasterLife – The Disciple’s Cross may be summarized diagrammatically as shown above.

We have one Lord.  We worship Him, Glorify Him, and puts Him in the centre of our lives.  This means that all else – our family, our career, our dearest hobby, etc. are secondary.

We have two relationships.  Our relationship with God whom we pray to and understand more through the Word (Bible).  Our relationship with fellow men, through fellowship with believers and reaching out to pre-believers.

We have three commitments.  To walk as disciples of Christ, we must first deny ourselves, take up our cross daily and follow Jesus.

We have four resources to help us as we learn to walk with Christ on the basis of the three commitments.  We pray to the Lord for grace, to help and guide us.  We read and meditate on His Word (Bible) daily to be renewed and to receive understanding of His Will for us.  We have fellowship with believers, and in the process encourage and exhalt one another to follow after Christ.  We witness to pre-believers through telling them about God’s love and through our lifestyle (lifestyle evangelism).  In the process, we stronger in the Lord.

We have five ministries to serve as we grow with the Lord.  The ministry of worship / intercession, in which we intercede in prayer for others who are in need/  The ministry of nurture, in which we help fellow young believers to grow in the knowledge and grace of God.    The ministry of teaching / preaching, in which we deliver the message of God and his salvation to all.  The ministry of evangelism, in which we reach out to pre-believers and tell them about the gospel and the sacrificial love of Christ in order that we all may be saved.  The ministry of service as we serve one another and continue to grow one another in the love of Christ.

We have six disciplines.  To grow as Christ’s disciples, we must be disciplined.  First, we must continue to have Christ at the centre of our lives.  Second, we must consistently pray to Him, for grace, for guidance, for help and for His will in our lives and directions.  Third, we must read His Word (Bible) in order to understand and know what He wants of us – in terms of obedience and guidance.  Fourth, we continually fellowship with believers and to constantly uphold and uplift one another.  Fifth, we reach out to non-believers with the love of Christ so that they know of Christ in us.  Sixtth, as we grow as Christ disciples, we begin to serve in ministries that He wants us to be in.

Click “Disciple’s Cross – Key Verses” for all five weeks of memory verses.


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